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Eliminating noise and vibration in buildings with ceiling hangers, wall ties and ImpactaMat acoustic flooring underlay.

Ceiling Isolation

Occupied areas in a building can be affected by noise generated in the level immediately above. Typical sources of noise are:

• Air conditioning plant rooms

• Loud music and dancing

• Kitchen clatter and footfall impact

• Roof car parks

• Rain impact on roofs – particularly metal decks

Noise levels can be significantly reduced by an isolated ceiling in the occupied area. The combined use of a heavy isolated ceiling and an isolated floor on the level above achieves the highest possible total noise reductions. It is recommended that a specialist acoustical consultant verify the specifications of the building code for any particular application.

For basic isolation of noise and vibration between floors, isolation of the architectural ceiling from the floor above is usually sufficient. Where the room sits below a plant room or other type of room emitting significant vibration and noise, a heavier barrier ceiling, offering a greater mass and airgap will be required.

Architectural Ceilings

Decorative lightweight architectural ceilings offer some airborne sound reduction. However, significant reductions can be gained by increasing the mass of the ceiling using two or more layers of plasterboard in a continuous cover and flexibly supporting the grid with rubber isolators which deflect under the weight of the ceiling at least 4mm.

The heavier the ceiling and the larger the airspace between it and the structural floor above, the better the noise reduction. The flexible sealing of perimeters at walls and the correct treatment of penetrations (as at recessed light fittings) is essential in maximising the performance.

Architectural Ceiling Hangers by Embleton

Each hanger system differs according to:

  • The type of bracket used, which is determined by the structure of the level above (joists, purlins or concrete slab), and the amount of weight it needs to support (Please refer over the page for graphical representation of Embelton Ceiling Hanger brackets)

  • The rubber element used, and

  • The connection system used to the decorative architectural ceiling below.

We offer many options, below are the most commonly used ones.

vcl web arch ceil hngr guide
vcl arch ceiling pic.jpeg
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