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Accoustic rubber flooring underlay for use under:

Timber | Tiles | Bamboo | Laminate

Concrete screeds | Carpet


ImpactaMat underlay provides an impact absorbing layer to deaden and reduce transmission of unwanted noise between adjacent spaces. Made from recycled rubber granulate bound with a waterproof flexible binder, ImpactaMat can be installed over rigid subfloors to isolate hard tiles, timber or other floor surfaces where traffic may cause impact and footfall noise. It is available in a range of thicknesses to suit most building applications.


  • Reduces both airborne and structure-borne noise, improving the acoustic environment within adjacent spaces

  • Suitable as an acoustical performance underlay for most hard floor surfaces as well as carpet

  • Meets and exceeds BCA requirements

  • Anti-ageing – it will sustain normal loadings without excessive compression to retain acoustic properties over time

  • Readily cut for easy configuration in strips or pads to match floor structure and dimensions

  • Installed as floating mat or can be glued down where necessary such as under hard tiles in bathrooms and other wet areas

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